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5 things I'll do differently during my next launch

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What I learned from my recent launch

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Mini-mastermind: how to deal with self-doubt and fear in business

How I built a calm business

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How I run my business next to a 9-to-5

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What you can and can't do to make sales

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Are you hiding your amazingness?

March thread: what are your non-negotiables?

My 2024 financial goals and business plan

Choosing enough amidst the hustle

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Mini-mastermind: answering your questions on blogs, newsletter topics to write about, green marketing and finding readers

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The doors to Marketing without social media close today

Answering some questions you might have about Marketing without social media

What I know is possible for your business without social media

How new clients find me

My simple and intentional marketing plan

Why I switched up my launch plan

"You can't run an online business without social media" (and other myths I was told)

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How I prepared my business for leaving social media

January thread: ask me anything about newsletters

2023 numbers in review

A short guide to starting something new

A whole new way of marketing No sleaze. No algorithm. All you.

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