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An honest look at the emotional and mental side of running my business in 2023

Dealing with wobbles and old fears

4 marketing do's that I swear by

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An anti-hustle approach to planning your days and weeks

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Mini-mastermind: answering your questions on prioritising, finding community, keeping a blog and more

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10 things I learned about growing paid subscriptions on Substack

October thread: What do you listen to while working?

The most annoying business advice I ever received

5 questions I get asked most frequently about my Substack strategy

Six lessons from two years without social media

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Mini-mastermind: answering your questions on Substack, marketing, working on your business and more

We need to talk more about money in slow business

A check-in with my business and financial goals for 2023

How I'm embracing a cyclical business over the hustle and hacks

Welcome to the Female Owned Accountability Club šŸŽ‰

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The magic of community

Let's celebrate your business owner qualities āœØ

Why I am an unlikely business owner (and why it suits me perfectly)

How this money story affected my business (and how it's changed)

Let's talk income streams: ask the community

How I make "passive" income in my business

On staying the course and changing tack in our business

Guide: Reflect. Rest. Dream.

What living with mental illness means for my business

How do you plan for time off from your business?

What does success in your business feel and look like?

Lessons, surprises and what's next: reflecting on 6 months on Substack

Which business books are on your shelves?

The thing I've been working on for months is finally here!

How and why I pitch to podcasts

How I deal with feelings of time scarcity

Why marketing my business no longer feels like marketing

What feels exciting in your business right now?

My 2023 financial and business goals: a behind-the-scenes look

What would it mean to root into trust in your business?

How do you feel about money in your business?

The joys of being unavailable

Guide: A time and energy based approach to money in your business

The nuts and bolts of setting financial goals in your business

Ask the community: your newsletter questions

The myth of consistency

One year later: reflections on 16 months without social media

I'm taking an exciting step in my business (and would love for you to join me) šŸŽ‰

Why I left social media to build community around my business

January thread: what are your favourite business tools?

6 things that surprised me about myself in 2022

What if marketing your business felt good?