Thank you for another insightful post! It really got me thinking. A few years ago I started re-thinking my availability to family members. Boy did that upset some people! And the guilt! But I had to do what was good for me even if others weren't happy about it.

These days I struggle to show up for myself and my business. At the end of the day I have zero drive. Yesterday something helped... I saw an artist interview on Connected Artist and, as always, part of me was like "I want that life". "That" life being one with a truer purpose, a life that includes making art and selling art. So last night I got back at it and took small steps that I could be proud of. Your post makes me think about improving my availability for my art-making.

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Thank you for sharing this Ana, and I love how you were able to reconnect to that desire of the life you want: especially when you’re also working a day job, or have family responsibilities, it’s so easy to lose sight of that desire--for very good reasons often (limited energy and time, for instance). Small steps can indeed be huge, and every time you’re taking a small step you’re connecting to yourself and your business. I love your vision for your life: will you write it down somewhere to remind you? :) I look forward how you get on improving your availability for your art making! ✨

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