wowwww, such coincidence... I bought 8 Leuchtturm notebooks last year, A5 size, hard-cover, different colors - I have all my math classes written there, and i typically use 1 book per school year. There are a few still unused but wont take much longer since i still have some subjects left i'd love to teach.

For hand-writing I love the BIC cristal and I often use thick highlighters from Pelikan, Staedtler, or similarly good brands.

Loved your study, you could have embeded the video in the article if you wished 😊.

As for my favorite apps, please check https://paragraph.xyz/@abambresm/wonders-of-web2-and-web3. Hope you like some 😊.

Unsplash is also my fav site to get free-to-use pics.

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Ah I love posts like this. Thanks for sharing! I switch my notebooks up a lot. I have a pot of sharpies I use when planning and with my one to one clients on just a4 printer paper which feels expansive and nice to do! I also love canva and have had the pro version a couple of years. It’s saved me a fortune in design fees! ✍️✨🙌🏻

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Pilot Kakuno fountain pen - with the piston that allows for ink to be refilled from a bottle to reduce waste. I'm on my second one (my toddler niece broke the nib from my first) and love it. Ink flows easily and (at least for me), feels more comfortable in my hand then a more expensive Lamy. Highly recommend! I used to have access to Muji pens as well, and can understand why you love them. They write like a dream.

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Your study is so beautiful! And all those books!!!!!!

One of my favorite tools is a quarterly planner from Amplify. The paper is excellent quality and every year they have a different selection of cover colors. I track everything on there: daily habits, bills, work and personal to-dos, you name it.

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What a gorgeous study! Thank you for the tour! I love Archer & Olive journals with black paper and a white gel pen so that it looks like I’m writing on a chalkboard. I use whiteboards and colored markers to write down my goals. Clickup is my favorite project management software. Front is an excellent team email software. I love Bonjoro to send video emails to clients and clients of clients. Pipedrive and Hubspot are my favorite sales CRM. Calendly is my choice for booking appointments. Voxer for client communications between meetings. Oh and Squarespace for websites! Hope that was interesting!

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