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I’m a recovering productivity ninja. I’ve stripped my life of productivity hacks, the need to be busy and the habit of overwork. I now live my life in technicolour, with space for my needs and desires outside of my business.

Though not a rebel by nurture, I now enjoy stepping away from and questioning the norm.

I have 19 years of experience mentoring people from all walks of life and have been running my own business for five years.

I have a PhD in English literature and am a published author and speaker. Although I’ve left my academic career, I continue to love writing.

work with small business owners on the things that have made the most difference in my own life: setting up marketing channels away from social media; restructuring their business to allow for more rest; planning and prioritising and creating the business they crave.

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I never go anywhere without a book (here’s what I’m reading).

I have a stash of at least ten different kinds of tea (and am something of a tea snob). My favourite is strong, milky earl grey in the morning and fancy green tea in the afternoon.

I’m an introvert who fell in love with working with people.

I own and take care of 120+ houseplants.

I grew up on the coast and am always longing for the sea.

Yoga and Pilates have made me fall in love with moving my body.

I love dark chocolate (92% is my sweet spot).

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“Your newsletter is one of the few newsletters I immediately open and read” — Alice Hibbert, jewellery designer

“I just received your latest email and it was a lovely read” — Sarah Phelps, letterpress and stationary designer

“I love your emails, thanks for sharing such thoughtful topics.” — Jo McCarthy, mentor for creative online shop owners

“Loved this, you have such a calming presence even via email.” — Jen Wright, slow business mentor

“I have read and subscribed to many business coaches newsletters and Astrid's stands out as useful, unique, and wonderfully relevant in a time when women especially are encouraged to just do more, hustle harder, and burn ourselves out. Astrid has a different approach, one that embraces ease and intuition and I love that.” —

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✨ Find out more about me and my work mentoring small business owners on my website. I’m always happy to chat about whether we can work together (no strings attached)—send me a message through my website, or an email at astrid [at] astridbracke [dot] com.

🎉 My mini-course Substack for small business owners, freelancers and artists is a gentle, non-overwhelming approach to making Substack work for you—both as marketing and an additional stream of income.

💌 All of my favourite resources—my own and other people’s—for running a slow, gentle and profitable business.

🫶🏻 I’m all about growth through community and love collaborating! If you’re up for collaborating in any form, or want to ask me to give a workshop in your community or membership (yes please!), do get in touch!

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